How to Tag Friends on Instagram Story

Tagging friends on Instagram is really fun. Not only can we share a story to get views and reactions, but also we let people know our circle or community publicly. If you are new to this social media, then this article is just for you. Learn here how to tag friends on Instagram story.

What Is Tagging Someone on Instagram?

Instagram has tons of features you can explore and experiment with. One of which is a feature called tagging. Tagging someone on Instagram means you want to share your posts to any specific Instagram’s user.

Commonly, people tag their friends so that their friends can see the posts they’re tagged in. Tagging someone can be done on pictures, captions, comments, and stories.

Take These Simple Steps to Know How How to Tag Friends on Instagram Story

Are you looking for a simple way to tag your friends? If so, probably you may want to know how to tag someone on an Instagram story. You just need a few steps and you are done. Follow these steps on how to tag your friends on Instagram story as follows.

Step #1: Create Your Own Story as Usual

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The first thing you need to do is of course to create a story as usual.

In the recent updates, you have more ways as shortcuts to create a story. The first way is by tapping #1. It will redirect you to the post creation tool. The second way is by tapping #2. It has been commonly used because it is the original way to create stories.

Additionally, the third way is by tapping #3 which is actually a new feature in Instagram called Reels. How it works is pretty much the same. The fourth way, which is by swiping the screen to the left, is also new.

Step #2: Mention Someone Using Text

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After that, you can start tagging your favorite people by using the “Text” feature. This feature is very simple in use. You just have to directly write ‘@’ followed by the username of your friends. After that, you can arrange the position of the mentioned usernames.

That is the simplest thing you can do in how to tag someone on an Instagram post.

Step #3: Mention Someone Using the Feature “Mention”

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There is another way you can tag people on a story, which is by using the feature “Mention”. Tap the symbol on the picture and look for the word called @MENTION. That way, it’s like making custom tags because you can change the color of the word and its style.

Step #4: Finalize Your Story

After you have done the tagging, it is time to finalize your story. Try to make the taggings look neat and not too crowded if you mention more than one person. Additionally, make sure not to cover up your story.

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The point of tagging your friends is to let them know that you have something precious or invaluable for them.

Step #5: Post Your Story

Finally, you can post your story to the story’s timeline. You can review the story after it is finished uploading. That’s it! Now, you can try tagging your friends on a story by yourself.That is the easy guide on how to tag friends on Instagram story. It is pretty easy, isn’t it? With a few taps, you can share those memorable moments with your beloved ones. Happy tagging!

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