Discover Easy Reels VS Tiktok, Get to Know This!

If you are quite familiar with the latest trend on social media you must have heard of Instagram Reels, the new competitor for Tiktok. But what is Reels and how can it compare with Tiktok?

Between Reels vs Tiktok, which one is the best for you to use? Let’s find it out here.

What is Reels?

Starting from 2019, Instagram started releasing a new feature called Reels around the world. Reels is Instagram’s latest feature that allows you to create, edit, and share your creativity in the form of short video content. 

This feature was slowly introduced in various countries throughout the world and just recently available in Indonesia. 

With the recent popularity of Tiktok, especially among gen Z, Instagram saw the opportunity for people’s rising interest in video-based contents. 

Especially since Millennials, the highest demographic of Instagram, start shifting to apps like Tiktok and Snapchat. To capture its existing users’ enthusiasm, Instagram released the new short video feature, enhancing its already packed utilities.

Similar to Tiktok, Reels allow you to use various effects and music to make your video more interesting. It can be viewed under a specific Reels tab on your Instagram profile and can be available for public viewing in the explore menu. 

You can record a new clip or use existing video before adding texts, AR effects, and audio to your creation.

Reels vs Tiktok Comparison

With both apps currently trending, which is better: Instagram or Tiktok?

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Especially if you are a content creator or business owner that relies on social media marketing. Both of these apps have several differences, which are as below. 

Video Duration

The most prominent difference is in their video duration. Tiktok allows you to make longer videos, up to 1 minute. Meanwhile, the longest time you get on Instagram Reels is only 15 seconds. 

This difference matters if your contents require a longer format. Longer format also allows you to have more freedom to create as you like.

Audio and Effects

As far as we know, there are limitations to songs and effects available on Instagram Reels. It only offers certain audios and filters currently used in Instagram stories. 

Compared to Instagram Reels, Tiktok provides you with more rich selections of video effects and songs. Allowing you to make more varieties in how your contents are shaped. Even so, Instagram Reels is only recently released and it will probably add more features along with time.

Different Vibes and Tones

Is Instagram Reels Tiktok copy? Not really. Due to existing features of these two apps, there are huge differences in the vibes and tones of contents in them.

Instagram Reels tend to have a more aesthetic outlook with their more mature interface and clean filters. Tiktok on the other hand, offers more creativity so the contents are funnier and have comedic undertones.

Demographics and Vibes

Are there any differences between Reels vs Tiktok users? 

The answer is yes. 

Various researches showed that Tiktok’s highest demographic leaned on the younger audience such as Generation Z but now started shifting to older audience as well. Instagram, as a platform that is already standing for several years, tends to attract older generations like Millennials. 

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Knowing the differences between Reels vs Tiktok is important when you are considering the target audience of your business. 

Some brands might prefer Instagram Reels because of the preexisting page and the base follower of the business, but some prefer Tiktok for more content variety.

Though, there is also no harm in reaching out for more audience by using both platforms.

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