Step How to Make a Story Song Feature in Instagram

Step How to Make a Story Song Feature in Instagram

Along the recent popularity of Instagram, various new exciting features are introduced to Instagram stories. For example is the music feature in Instastory. How to make a story song feature in Instagram? Here it is Step How to Make a Story Song Feature in Instagram.

What is Instastory Music?

IG stories are a staple to youngsters’ social life nowadays. It is a method people can express their thoughts and share activities to their followers

Starting from IG update version 51, we can now also include songs to our Instastory. It will enhance your IG to a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing one.

The songs available to you are not limited to those you already own in your phone library. Instagram will provide various music choices that have a contract with Facebook. It will play fifteen seconds of tune from any music you pick.

How to Add Song to Your Stories?

How to add music in Instagram stories? You can attach songs to your stories in two ways. You can assign music to preexisting Instastory you have prepared and you can also include a track before you record one.

How to add songs in instagram stories with photos? If you prefer attaching a song you just need to prepare your IG story. Next, hit the sticker button in the story interface. Scroll down till you will see one with the word “Music”. Pick and you will be taken to IG collections of music.

There, you can see two tabs, “For You” and “Browse“. “For You” is a ton of recommended music by its popularity and frequency of use. Meanwhile, “Browse” tab consists of various tracks categorized based on mood and their genres. 

For the specific one you want, just type the name on the search bar above it. There’s a play option beside each song, so you are able to listen to samples on how each track sounds.

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For regular Instagram users, there will be no restrictions on which track you pick. But unfortunately for business accounts, the choices are narrow to limited selections due to issues with copyrights.

The method to include the tune before recording is quite similar. Open Instastory and swipe the recording option in the lower corner of the interface. You can see the music button and be allowed to handpick any song that fits your stories.

How to Adjust the Song

After taking a song, you are supposed to pick which part you prefer. This is due to 15 seconds limitations of the music. There will be a box you can drag to whichever segment of the track that you like. And below it is the option how many seconds you want it to play.

Finally the last step is deciding how you want it to look visually. Tap on the song sticker to change its appearance.Voila, you can now make your stories more cool and trendy with music.

How to make a story song feature in instagram is not difficult, right? It’s time to add spice to your Insta story experience.

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