Guide to See Total Views on YouTube

Many people don’t know how important total views on youtube are. They only care about the subscriber number or the views of one video that they like. However, for YouTube channel owners, the total view has more meaning than just a line of numbers. It is an indication of how well their channel is going.

What are the Total Views?

Total views are the cumulative number of views of all videos in a YouTube channel or account. This number represents all views from the very first video that was posted on that channel, which might have low views number to the recent or the most viral video that has millions of views of that channel.

Therefore, YouTubers can easily track and see the progress of their channel through this number. Thus, it also becomes the leverage that they use to promote their channel for partnership or endorsement with other companies. It is almost similar to the Instagram follower.

How to Find Out the Total Views of a YouTube Channel

Interestingly, you can see the total views of the YouTube channel easily. So, it is not only for your YouTube channel. You also can see the total views of other people’s channels. Here is the simple method to see total views on youtube:

  • Open the YouTube channel that you want to see its total views number,
  • Click the About tab on its front page,
  • See on the right side of the page under the Stat column. You can see the total number of views of that channel.
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You also can use this method for your YouTube channel. Or, you can open the Creator Studio menu and find similar information about your channel’s total views. Another thing you can use is the third-party service. There are many free online services to check your YouTube channel statistics. Just search for them. You will find them in no time.


That is what you need to know about total views and how to see them on any YouTube channel. Even though we mentioned that this number is the best way to see your channel growth, we recommend you not heavily rely on this number to develop your channel. Improve your channel by finding out your subscriber and viewer needs. That will bring more benefits than you ever imagined. It is not only the total views on youtube, but your channel status will improve.

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